Tuesday, November 16, 2010


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It is such a nice ratio. Imagine if, when cooking, that ratio always applied. Add one part sugar, one part flour, one part frosting, one part ovening. Then you have a cake. Perfect.

Speaking of ratios, today in Stats we analyzed probabilities and payouts related to gambling. Essentially, even if you win you will lose. I promise. It is statistically true.

I believe that everyone should be required to take Statistics. You can hardly wake up in the morning without having a stat thrown at you. Most of the time we don't even know what they mean. For instance, when reporting salaries for certain careers look for the median salary. That will be much more realistic as to what you would likely earn than an average wage. In stats you also learn how to set up experiments and such. I will never be fooled by a misleading statistic again.

Since this is the lunch blog i suppose a report on my lunch is in order. I left class a little late since I had needed to take a test. No one had signed up for the blood drive table so I was going to do it. Then I realized that I needed to pick up a paper from home to turn in. ASAP. I desperately searched for student council people to help me. No one was willing. In despair, I shoved the binder into my locker and began marching out of the school. On my way out I saw Shauna Holdaway. She is an angel. She willingly took over blood drive sign up duties.

In reality I'm pretty sure only one of the student council people I asked previous to Shauna said no. The others either didn't hear me or ignored me. Once again the ratio presents itself.


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